Monthly Archives: March 2009

What’s that?

Lately, Emmy’s standard query has become “What’s that?”. It’s fun, because it shows how much she’s really soaking up about the world around her. It also shows which pieces don’t have names for her yet. I know that for Mel, this is a trying time, since she gets that question all day long. For me, since I work away from her all day, I get it less, so it’s more endearing.

Two year olds are a trip.

Scrabble board from the other night

19 March 2009 - Scrabble board

I ended up winning this one 272 to 261. The board was cramped the whole game, but it was still fun. Melissa got it for me for my birthday. (:

DHS, protectin’ mah checkin’

Melissa and I opened a new checking account yesterday[1]. It was all normal except for two items. First, they referred to my social security number as a “tax identification number”. I don’t know if that’s the bank’s phrase or a government phrase. Either way, disconcerting.

The other oddment was that I had to fill out a form for the DHS that detailed my “expected usage” of cash, wire transfers and online transactions. I had to estimate how often each of those would occur as well as their mean values and maximum values. What a joke! I was seriously tempted to define a few variables, then answer all the questions in terms of those variables. I don’t think there’s any way[2] to give reasonable values there. The woman that opened our account as much as said that we wouldn’t be held to anything on the form. Our government at work. :\

[1] – Our old bank sold all of its Indiana branches to another bank. Our account was not opened in Indiana though, so now we’re without a local branch. I wasn’t too happy with old bank to begin with (this isn’t the first time their system has left me high and dry), so we are moving to a locally owned bank.

[2] – Short of some extensive datamining on my checking records, which don’t even have all the data that DHS wanted.

2008 taxes finished

I finished filing my 2008 federal and state income taxes today. What a pain. I used Intuit’s online federal preparation system. That cost $30, but went fine. Rather than pay $35 to file the state taxes (which are easy, even with itemezation) I tried to use Indiana’s i-file, their free online service. Somewhere along the line, I missed the boxes to fill in how much state and local tax had been witheld from my paychecks, so the state thought I owed them a lot of money.

Which meant that I had to file an amendment (because the ifile didn’t have a “go back” at that point) in writing, explaining the mistake and pointing out that the state owed me money, not the other way around. Anyway, the amendment and my federal forms are all in the mail as of today, so good riddance.