Monthly Archives: October 2009

Scary costumes

Two of my coworkers made masks out of my face. They surprised me with them. I wasn’t expecting myself to be so scary!

Skimpy onion

Mel and I grabbed Steak and Shake on the way back home last night. Here’s a picture of the onions on my burger.

Veggie/chicken pasta

This is a pasta dish that I made for mel the other night. She really enjoyed it and insisted that it was picture worthy. That being the case, I figured I would post the picture here, for lack of a better plan.

It contains onion, green pepper, asprarugus, chicken and tomato. The linguini was boiled with a Thai pepper for flavor. Lastly it is covered with shredded mozzarella and garnished with fresh basil.

Speeding tickets and insurance

I learned an interesting fact today. I called my insurance provider’s office to find out if I should take the deferral on my speeding ticket. She was quite helpful in making a decision. Apparently, whether you take the deferral or not the insurance company finds out about the ticket, despite what the county clerk would have you think. The only difference is that the points don’t go on your license at the BMV.

The weird part is that the base ticket price is $150 but the deferral price is $225. That’s 50% more! That feels a little bit like extortion. “Hey, we know you’re in trouble here, how about if you pay us extra, and we make this like it never happened?”

Am I way off base with that feeling? Is there a better way to look at it that I’m missing?

Traffic ticket saga

Nothing is ever simple. I got caught in a speed trap a few weeks ago. Normally I do the speed limit, but I got caught in a place where the speed transitions from 50->35 fairly abruptly. The cop didn’t put the cost of the ticket on the ticket, so I have to call a Marian county office to get the cost. I’ve called seven times so far. Everytime, its either busy or goes to a message that says they are closed (even though its during their listed business hours). They also have a website, but the website can’t find my ticket’s serial number.

What an annoyance.

Test post from iphone

This is a test post from the wordpress app on my iPhone.