Monthly Archives: December 2009


While Mel was shopping at Borders last night, I sat and read a book. I was moderately interested in it based on the back cover. It was a sci-fi with nano-tech enhanced humanity (for a price) and zombies, apparently.

Anyway, the author was _terrible_. He suffered from being unable to describe anything with few than three adjectives or adjective phrases. Everything was superlative. In prologue, the hero kills a three aliens of a race previously supposed to be extinct. By their very existence, they had killed entire colony *planets*. Yet our hero kills them bare-handed.

After his successful kills, he heads to a bar. Inevitably, a female of unparralelled attractiveness walks in. The author describes the effect that this woman has on the main character as “literally poleaxing him”. Except that there are no poleaxes involved, so I’m fairly certain the author just doesn’t know what the word “literally” means. The next two sentences cement in this fact: “My jaw dropped. It actually dropped.”. Our unfortunate author could have used “literally” to good effect in that sentence.

Anyway, avoid “BioHell” unless you’re looking for a laugh at the author’s expense. (:

Blog’s back

My webhost had a raid array fail (long story: drive fails, they replace drive, try to rebuild array, array fails). It took out all my websites. They had the server back up after 4-5 days, but took almost two weeks to get the files restored from tape.

Now, I have to work get get things moved back to where they belong. It’s a bit of a pain, since I was using slightly more than half of my webspace prior to the backup.

I think I’m going to petition for a larger space allotment in the name of customer retention.