Monthly Archives: March 2010

First night of work on retaining wall

Here’s what I worked on after work tonight. It is the start of a retaining wall for the front of the house. I am hoping to finish a little each night that the weather is good enough (and that I am home).

Dave’s Green Tip #1

Money saving tip: pee in the bathroom sink. Then wash your hands. You just saved somewhere between 1/3 and 1 gallon of water by not flushing your toilet. You were going to wash you hands afterwards anyway, right?

Note: not recommended for women, men with bad aim or men who are not taller than their bathroom sink. Also not recommended for public spaces, unless it’s a public space occupied largely by Hippies.

OS X update 10.6.3

The hackintosh tells me that 10.6.3 is available for download. Going to let it install overnight. Hope I still have a working hack in the morning. (:

update 30Mar2010: The 10.6.3 update didn’t finish last night, but several other updates did. Also, found a kext that finally fixed my “About this Mac” problem. It works now!! w00t. Trying the 10.6.3 update again tonight.