Monthly Archives: June 2010


I got a beta invite for Soluto today. Soluto is a tool for improving the boot times of Windows-based computers. It examines your bootup, then tells you what you can remove from your boot, what you can delay, etc. The best part of the tool is that there is a wiki on the back end that allows for discussion of the various processes that you’re making decisions about. That means that (hopefully) you’ll have some up to date and relevant info on each process, rather than having to google each one.

I installed it on my work machine. Even with an SSD, it was taking 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot. After just five minutes with Soluto, I was able to bring that down to 1:30, shaving off an entire minute. It’s quite a beautiful tool as well. I’ll have to post a screenshot later, if I can find some time.

My only concern with the tool is the amount of access that it has. Since it has direct access into boot areas of the OS, it pretty much has free reign of your system. It could (and does) collect stats about who runs what at startup. I’m worried that the community aspect of it could be astroturfed into making people believe that malware was useful. I’m also worried that it could be used as an infection vector.