Monthly Archives: July 2010

Chicken house started

I built the base for the chicken house/tractor tonight. It was a good feeling, to translate the image in my brain of what it *should* look like into a physical object. The next step will be to set up the hoops that will hold up the roof.

Finally fixed “about this mac”

My hackintosh’s one lasting failing was that it’s “about this mac” dialog has never worked. Worse, clicking the menu item to view the dialog would crash finder, dump me to a blue screen, then restart finder.

Finally, I ran across this forum thread where the poster Rushabh suggests disabling quick boot in bios.

I did this one my UD3P’s bios, and voila! I have an about this mac dialog! Silly as it seems, this is important for some apps because they base their settings off what’s read in that dialog.

My Hackentosh's "About This Mac" dialog works now!

Storm watcher

The skies overhead tonight were clear. Mel and I sat on the back porch and watch a line of storms that filled the horizon to the northwest. We thought it was odd that we couldn’t hear any thunder, since the thunderheads were full of nearly constant lightening. We could feel the rumbling slightly in our bones, but no sound. When we got inside, Mel checked where the storm is on weather radar. It is 80 miles away!

I had no idea it was possible to see anything 80 miles away in Indiana. (: