Monthly Archives: June 2011

Bigger digging

My neighbor, Kenny found out that I was digging a hole by hand, so he brought his backhoe over to help. The hole is now 90% complete. (:


Naan pizza

Pizza with naan for crust, tomato sauce, broccoli, onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms, fresh basil, mild cheddar and bacon. Sooo tasty. This one was a team effort between me and Melissa.


Big digging

Emm and I got more digging done this weekend. We’re up to 12 wheelbarrow loads of dirt removed. Looks like that’s approximately 1/4 of the total digging. Then it’s concrete time. (:


Weeded the beans

Seems like the garden turned into a weed pit overnight. I weeded the beans today. I’ll have to cath up row by row.


Antenna base

This week, Dad and I built a base for the antenna from about a hundred pounds of rebar and three feet of very hard threaded anchor rod.


Ground work started

Got started on the tower foundation yesterday. Mostly just got the sod moved before the twins needed me.



Very chill

It’s amazing how satisfying small accomplishments can be. I finally got the ice maker attached to water today. We’ve had the fridge for years, but I’ve never taken the time to figure out how to attach it. Now it’s attached, and my ice robot is dutifully generating ice cubes. I don’t have a huge need for them, but Melissa loves ice cold drinks. Win! (: