Monthly Archives: April 2013

video files played correctly, every time

Melissa and I have been watching rips I made of an anime series from DVD. I ripped it with english/japanese audio and english subs. We’re watching it with the Japanese audio and the English subs. Also, I find the openers to anime are generally really annoying. They’re just not my thing. So I like to skip them after the first few times. Here’s the command line to play the show without having to manually set it all up every time:

vlc –audio-track=1 –sub-track=1 –start-time=81 DeathNote_ep01.mkv

The audio and subtitle tracks are numbered from zero. On this show, English is zero, Japanese is one for the audio. English translations of signs, labels, etc is subtitle track zero. Full English subs is subtitle track one. Lastly, the show starts and 1m 21s into each file, so I tell vlc to start at 81 seconds in.