Viewsonic vx2025wm DVI fix

My main monitor is a¬†Viewsonic vx2025wm. It’s a 20″ LCD with pretty good specs. The biggest issue with it, by far, is that if you disconnect the DVI connection for any length of time, the monitor forgets that it has a DVI connection. Then a song and dance is required to fix it. I’ve always used the solution in this [H]ard|Forum post. It’s an old post though, so I’m copying the steps out here.

I had the same problem, twice. The first time it happened to me 1 week after purchase and so I exchanged it. The second time was yesterday. I decided to call Viewsonic support and they gave me the solution to fix it:

1. With the computer on, plug in both DVI and VGA to the video card and the VX2025 monitor.
2. turn off computer
3. remove VGA connector
4. disconnect power to the monitor. Wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in.
5. restart PC.

For me, I run two monitors. After following the steps, I plugged the VGA to my 2nd monitor. Both monitors would show the POST screen but when I booted to Windows, the VX2025 did not have a signal. In the nvidia classic control panel, I had to set the VX2025 as the primary display and also Extend Desktop onto the monitors in order to get the VX2025 working in Windows again.

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