Wish We Were Heroes

I admit it, I have been so horrible about blogging lately. I often feel like there’s not a whole lot to write about. All my days are pretty similar and nobody is interested in reading about domestic duties. Tonight we’re having spaghetti squash though! Yum.

Things are going really well for Dave and I. I am happier than ever, and I really do like my new life. I feel like I’m getting better at house cleaning and grocery shopping.

Last night Dave and I watched “The Count of Monte Cristo” I have to say, I really did enjoy the movie. It was nice to lay on the couch with Dave and cuddle too. It’s kind of lonely here without him. But I am getting better at that too.

Tonight, we’re going to watch “Dragonfly” and quite possibly our wedding video. I sure am glad I hired a videotographer for my wedding day. I didn’t get to SEE any of the wedding!!! I am excited to watch it tonight.

Tomorrow we’re planning on furniture shopping in Fort Wayne. A continuation of our bookcase shopping quest. We’re also going to stop by Dave’s house and eat lunch with his mom and dad. His momma cooks yummy, and I am really sick of eating my own dinners!

On the downside of today, I finally got sick. Aww. Poor poor Mel. If she gets too sick, she won’t be able to clean house. The only thing she’ll be able to do is play Dark Age all day. =(

  1. You make it sound like playing Dark Age all day would be a bad thing. 🙂

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