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So, after my big success yesterday, I gotta crow a little bit. After weeks of banging my head against the wall, I finally got the processor I’m trying to beat into submission to do my will. It spit out bits because it didn’t have a choice. It jumped to a interrupt vector because my will and instructions dictated it to do thusly. *flexes coder muscle*

There, done. Sorry about that.

So life is pretty good lately, despite the lack of postage. Mel and I are both recovering from colds. We did buy a bookshelf last weekend. We bought a Souder piece that is in pieces. It was affordable and sturdy, and it matches her dresser, so it does the trick for us. The biggest plus was that it fit in the car.

We’re still slowly adjusting to this married thing. Getting used to being depended on this much is very different from being a college guy. I like it though. The only parts of my life that are really missing are the parts that I didn’t like all that much anyway. At least that I’ve noticed so far. We had an enjoyable one month anniversary. It has come and gone with only a couple misunderstandings between us, praise the Lord.

I really need to call the gas company and have them come out and reconnect our gas. The heater runs on gas. Due to a misunderstanding with the landlady when I first moved in, she had the gas turned off. It didn’t bother me at the time, since it was like 99 degrees out and heat wasn’t something I felt like paying for. Now, on the other hand, I’m kinda interested in heating the house. So that needs doing.

And finally, Melissa and I invested in a digital camcorder this last weekend. It’s a pretty phly Sony DCR-TRV340. Best Buy had it on open box and discounted it by like 37% because it was missing a memory stick. Pretty good deal if you ask me. The whole thing is a wedding gift, actually. They gave us money and told us to pick ourselves a nice camera. This way, when kids and things like that come around, we’ll be ready, at least to take pictures of them. For now, I’m hoping to get a video of Josh performing his new song about Amy’s personal life. 😉

I’m not sure yet, but as far as storing the movies in a viewable format, I’m considering using SVCD. I can only play those in my computer right now, but it’s a common feature on new DVD players and seems to be a pretty nice format. It’s almost DVD resolution but I don’t have to buy a DVD burner. It allows for 30-70 minutes of video on a CD, depending on the compression ratio (how blocky/fuzzy do you want it? :). I’m thinking that your average home movie is far shorter than 30 minutes anyway, so I should be home free. (and yes, I have considered just storing them all on my harddrive. That’s probly going to happen anyway, vis Ryan’s (well done) site for his twins.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I use VCD/SVCD to store movies and send them to friends/relatives? Plain vanilla VHS?

  1. Does your camera digital and have a firewire port? If so, you should really store on harddisk or DVD to avoid losing quality (imho). If it’s just analog, I would say that VHS or SVCD would be good. Experiment with SVCD settings to see if you can get it how you like. Because they can look either better or worse than VHS very easily based on a few tweaks.

    Oh, and those videos on the website are just the short mpegs that can be recorded onto memory stick. The ones that record onto digital tape are much much higher quality. E.g., 17 minutes of video from the twins’ first night is about 4 gig.

  2. Oh, yeah. So when I converted that file to VCD it was only 182MB.

  3. Yeah, the camera is digital and has firewire (, same difference), USB, and infrared out. I don’t have a firewire port at the moment, but that’s a planned upgrade someday. I would like to keep the originals around, but for distribution, I’m hoping VCD’s will be good enough.

  4. josh told me if i mailed you, you would set me up with comments, i would like comments, but i do not see an email address. maybe you could email me and something could happen ?

  5. dave the comment man.

    a firewire port isn’t that expensive, and it’s worth it for all the coolness.

    the problem you’re going to run into is that video editing software isn’t cheap. you can use windows movie maker, but i don’t know if there are any DV over ieee1394 compable video editors for GNU/Linux.

    In fact, even one of the programs you need to encode it to (s)vcd isn’t free (as in beer). You can use TooLAME for the audio, and that’s pretty decent, but the recommended video encoder is TMPGEnc which — I may be wrong — but it seems to me isn’t free (as in beer).

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