Disturbing Dreaming Pt 2

Night before last, I had a very traumatic dream.

In my dream I was still living at my parent’s house. I must have still been in highschool, and my report card came in the mail. I was pleased to read that I was at the top of my class and better in every subject…except one. In the listing is said that Autonomous (aka Pope Josh) scored higher than I did in theology. That really made me mad for some reason. I stewed about it and had a hissy fit. Then a day or two later, I was still in shock and went out shopping or something to cheer me up. My mom was expecting company that night, and maybe I just wanted to avoid that house cleaning frenzy.

When I got back, I went in my room and was totally grossed out by the fact that there was poop all over my bedroom floor! Everywhere. Not just one pile either!
I was even more disgusted when I realized that Josh pooped all over my room to get back at me for stewing at him. He pooped everywhere!!!!!

I even dreamed of cleaning it all up. VERY GROSS!

I think that dream stems from reading Josh’s blog. He always makes sure to tell everyone when he’s going to poop.

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  1. Both disturbing and hilarious!

  2. I come away completely traumatized.

  3. Man, I was in the library when I read that. Laughed so hard I nearly lost continence (I’d forgotten the “Autonomous Fetus” moniker). Speaking of, I need to poop now.

  4. AHH! Thanks Josh.

    If I have another dream about you pooping I’m going to commit suicide.

  5. imagine me trying very hard to keep a straight face and be understanding when Melissa was telling me about this nightmare. I laughed pretty hard.

    It’s almost as funny as thinking of Josh busting up laughing in the library. (:

  6. Mel-

    I think that you need to seek “professional” help if you are dreaming of such things. I mean having dreams about poop is one thing…but having Josh in your dreams…that’s just’s downright disturbing.

    Although nothing comes close to Dave’s disturbing “saving the world with my buddy Nate” dream. ^_^


  7. Busting up laughing, while losing control of both his bowels and his bladder at once. This is only worsening my traumatized condition.

  8. See, the problem with Dave’s “I save the world now” dream was that he wasn’t really all that disturbed about it. That’s the problem.

  9. Was that the same one where Dave dreamed that Nate was naked?

  10. Why don’t I ever have funny dreams like that? My dreams always just excuse the alarm clock as an annoying friend singing or something like that.

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