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Heh. So I’m sitting in the computer science lab at Rose, killing time. Jerry and I are here for the career fair tomorrow. Got to recruit lackeys so that we don’t have to do all the work. Jerry went to watch Elizabeth at swim practice, so I thought I would waste a little time here. It’s fun to have an alumnus account in the CS department. Useful, at the very least.

It was a nice drive down here. First time I’ve gotten paid to take a nap while someone drives me. If you get a chance to try that, do it.

Tonight is going to be the first night that Melissa and I spend apart from each other since the wedding. To be honest, I don’t like it one bit. I’m very forlorn about the whole thing. Add that to the fact that I’m at the college where I just spent four years being lonely (well, so I wasn’t lonely the whole time. We’re being general here, work with me) and you have a recipe for a blue day. Hopefully things will improve with dinner. Jerry and I are meeting Becky and possibly Tim and Amy at Moggers. Hopefully that will be fun.

Melissa managed to kill a level 50 middie in Dark Age whilst I’ve been gone. I’m so proud of her. (:

She’s started working at a horse farm near home. It’s what she’s always dreamed of doing. I’m so excited for her. She’s going to be training to be a guide. God’s blessed us so richly in all areas of life. Life is good. I’ve been wondering what Melissa would end up doing as far as keeping her busy until she gets back to finish her degree. The owners of the horse farm seem to be just the sort of employers I’ve wanted for my Melissa.

While I’ve been here in the Haute, I’ve gotten a haircut. I dislike getting haircuts. I can never really tell the [barber|styelist|cosmetologist] exactly what I want. This will be serviceable though. I’ll have to have Mel give the final verdict.

Ah well. I’m running out of ideas for what to write about. I had like thirty things I wanted to blog. So much for that. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself tomorrow. I’m gonna practice what I want to say to prospective employees and interns tonight, so that I’m not completely unpracticed. I don’t intend to read from cards or recite from memory, but I do want to practice a little.

asta la vista

  1. at least you won’t be apart for 5 days =(

  2. Dave, some of us still have only our teddy bear. 🙂

    You got your hair cut in THE HAUTE? What were you thinking?

    And finally, remember that the rose kids are probably more ‘nervous’ than you are, so relax.

  3. I’d love to have my hair cut in the ‘Haute right now. It’s where I’ve gotten it cut for the last seven or so years and been happy every time. Hard to leave a good thing, you know?

  4. Sorry y’all have to be apart. :o(

    Hs in Spanish are often silent. That’s “Hasta la vista,” for the record 0:o)

  5. Once again proving that I am the smart one.

  6. yeah, but astalavista is a pun on altavista, from back when that was the most popular search engine, pre-google.

  7. yeah, having taken 3 quarters of spanish in college, I should have caught my own mistake in mispelling ‘until’, but I was tired.

    Before google, I usually used Hotbot. Before it got quite so commercial. So while I did occasionaly use altavista, and I’ve even used astalavista.com (I think that’s the URL of the warez search engine). Yeah, I’m an infidel.

    I needed to look less shaggy for the career fair, or I would not have gotten my hair cut there. I’m not much of a fan of haircuts anyway, so whatever.


  8. Nathan: As long as it’s not at crazy ray’s. *shudder*

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