So I had several things I managed to screw up while I was updating the blog Tuesday from the CS lab at Rose. I think I fixed all those. I removed the blogs that needed updating section, as they never seemed to get updated. Oh well. I expanded the recent comments section to display the last seven commenters. I also changed the title.

I added several people to the bloggers we’ve met category. In response to Keith’s comment earlier, I didn’t purposefully not link either he or Sarah Nelson. I’m lazy at times, and I followed links to their blogs from other people’s blog whom I read. Updating the blog has been problematic lately as well, because I’ve been trying to do less of it from work. (:

The career fair was enjoyable, as were activities surrounding it. I’ll blog about those soon, hopefully.

Hasta mi entrada próxima. (I saw my spanish prof at career fair. I feel the need to practice a tad 🙂

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