how ’bout them cows helga?

So I’m in Wisconsin waiting on a crash test to take place. I get to see a big van go boom. Should be good. I keep kicking myself though. I left my video camera and phone both back in Winamac. Doh! When else am I gonna get a chance to get a crash on film? (with no one getting hurt)

So anyway, I don’t have a whole lot else to say, save that wisconsin is kinda like indiana, except fewer people, more cows, and some hills. Hills are good.

I’ma go for now, nothing good to say. Narf!

  1. oh my, that would’ve been pretty cool to see.

  2. Actually, it turned out to be mostly boring. All the setup time between steps was horrendous. Imagine watching someone else do a lab that took all day long.

    It was cool though. Jerry has some pictures. I got to see a cart smash into a full size van at fifty. Even though I knew it was supposed to happen, it still made me a bit uneasy watching it. Hard to explain.

    Oh well. I got 14 hours in that day. (:

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