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I fixed up my stylesheets so that they’re using absolute pixel measurements instead of the relative ones it came with. This should aid in more people seeing the blog the way I intend. The design is still not finished, but it is getting closer. I’d like to add a little color and such.

On a related note, Opera 6.05 is a horrible browser, in my opinion. It doesn’t follow the ‘standard’ keyboard shortcuts that other browsers use, such as choosing a completion for a partially typed url by tabbing through the options. It doesn’t correctly render CSS in most cases. It doesn’t default to following redirects. One might think that this is a security feature, but I doubt it. Many other security features are left turned off by default. The other foibles are too many to list. The last straw was the porn ad that came up in the built-in ad that came with my freeware version.

I didn’t spend a ton of time trying to configure opera for my needs. I was just too put off by its default functionality (lack thereof?) to bother.

  1. Dave,
    I don’t have email access at the moment, and knew you would want to see this:{957C1700-0BD8-4DDD-A850-4511F7F5C435}

  2. things are looking much better for me at work.

  3. Pretty sweet mojo. I like.

    Did you see the IE javascript exploit on Bugtraq yesterday that let’s you execute aribtrary code in any IE window?

    I’d imagine that would be pretty handy for your line of work. It seemed quite a bit simpler than some of your other methods for executing code on the client machines.

  4. Except that IE isn’t a server app.

    But it could be handy to install trojans on employees’ machines to capture passwords or whatever.

  5. Mojo’s already adept at getting users to click on links. Get users to install trojans or whatnot was the application I was thinking of for this one.

  6. porn ad?

    as in an ad containing — let’s avoid trying to define porn, shall we — parts of a man or woman’s body that couldn’t be shown on network television (unless it’s Schindler’s List) or language that couldn’t be used on network tv (careful, that doesn’t include much these days)?

    or do you simply mean an ad for an adult website?

  7. grainy images of topless women advertising “1000’s of live webcams”.

    So to answer your question, “yes”. (:

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