the pot calling the kettle l33t

When someone can beat me at q3a, then someone might have a prayer of convincing me that my config is broke.

Besides, how did my config get on your computer? (:

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  1. You know, that’s an excellent question. I think it’s because I piggy-backed off your Q3 installation to get mine to work (remember, my CD got cracked). I just never played CorkScrew with my version, so I never fixed your config…until now. 🙂

    100+fps with 32-bit color, lightmapping, and full texture detail at 1280×1024 is a beautiful thing.

  2. Drool. My GF2mx does that framerate… But with everything turned off, and at 1/4 the resolution. I’ve been playing some RA3 lately. Quite a blast.

    I had lightmapping on because it is just as fast of GeForce cards, but I’ve gone back to vector lighting as of late. It’s so much brighter than lightmapped. Easier to see the enemy and all that jazz.

    I like q3a.

  3. this reminds me of a pvp comic. i would post the appropriate link, but i don’t really feel like slogging through 4+ years of cartoon archives right now. maybe i’ll do it later.

    too bad pvp doesn’t have a handy dandy search feature like penny arcade. now *that*’s fun to play around with! =)

  4. So, if someone can beat you in q3a, that someone can start talking to you about how your config is broke?

    Hey dave, your config’s broke. =)

  5. Dually noted.

  6. Does that mean you noted it twice?

  7. uh, yeah! That’s what it means. What *does* the phrase mean, exactly. Where did it come from?

  8. The phrase “duly noted” means “to record in due manner”. It probably originated, like so many other needlessly important-sounding phrases, from lawyer-speak.

    “Dually noted”, I presume, then means “to record twice”, while “duelly noted” might mean “to record after a battle with swords”. English is fun!

  9. C’mon, froyd. I’m sure you and I have both come out above dave on the scores list every once in a while. Which means we *can* beat him.

    So join me in “dually” proclaiming that using original descent default keybindings for quake is a heinous crime against humanity.

    But then again, I still remember when mojo rescued me from using the joystick …

  10. lol – only if it isn’t possible to inadvertantly fall off the level!

  11. I do recall several times (I think more often than not, as well) near the end of the school year where I was wiping the Rocket Arena arenas with Dave’s limp body.

  12. So, these two cows are standing in a field. One of the cows says “Moo.” The other cow looks at him and goes, “Dude, I was just gonna say that.”

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