Dakota Whiz

Well. For those who care, and most don’t. I officially traded my Jade today. It was a hard thing to do, and the decision came about only after lots of thought and prayer. I now own a 4-year old registered American Paint gelding. He is a gray overo. Basically this means that he is white with brown spots. Two of his legs are black, his tail is black, and his mane is both black and white. One of his most interesting physical features is his left eye; it is partially blue.

He is not the athlete that Jade was. He is extremely mellow, where she was full of spirit. He is also a bit pudgy at the moment. I am hoping to fix that come spring. With winter coming on it’s good for him to have some extra weight.

He is taller than Jade was. I’d say he has several inches on her, and he is still growing. I can ride him bareback, double, or even backwards if I chose. He accepts anything without a fuss or an eyeblink. He is definitely not my dream horse, but he is what I will need in order to pursue my dreams at the moment. I plan on owning him for something less than a year (if all goes well) and then trade him for something of Jade’s caliber.

I will miss my pretty Jade. But in due time, I will learn to love Dakota Whiz too.

Hehem. “Dakota Whiz” is his registered name. I had nothing to do with such a stupid monicker.

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