You know what ticks me off?

When a person who is on the phone with me asks me “May I place you on hold while I (fill in random mundane task)?”. That person knows full well that they are going to put me on hold regardless of my opinion about such matters, but by forcing me to say yes, they think I’ll be better disposed to elevator music? Whatever. Blah!

  1. It’s more of a polite thing than anything. Asking permission and all. I mean you can just listen to them drone on or listen to some elevator music. Personally, I think the elevator music would be more stimulating.

  2. yep. Although, I worked at as a front desk person (no official title) and was told that if someone refused I should move them to top priority. 🙂 Hmmm….maybe next time you call that company you should ask them about their holding policy. *wink*

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