Well, there went best US News tech school for six years running…

Josh was the first one I saw with the news that the Rose Goddess Syndrome is about to reach new heights. It boggles the mind.

I wonder if “not be distracted by the glitz of hollywood” means “absolutely no chances of being distracted by dating”?

Can you imagine them at a pike party?

Har har har.

On a serious note, I wonder if they’re interested in IV at all? *scratches chin*

  1. It’s ok that the site the link came from is fake. It’s still hilarious. (Don’t worry, I got duped too).


  2. Congratulations, Dave. By my count, it took approximately 10 minutes for this to take in the entire office. I fully expect an email later today explaining that it’s just a fake and that we should all get back to work. (Don’t blame me, I only told one person. But he told *everybody*.)

  3. Hehehe. I’m trying to picture Ryan Johnson upon reading that article, and then again when he realizes it’s fake.

  4. Here’s the Purdue version:

    And yes, we just got an all campus mail:

    “Please be advised that the rumor concerning the Olsen twins of television fame having applied and been admitted to Rose-Hulman is a hoax. We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in stopping this rumor.

    Thank You
    Admissions Office”

  5. haha, the administration knows about it. Someone is probly taking heat for it.

    Glad to hear that I affect productivity beyond my local sphere of influence Matt. (:

  6. Dave, you tend to have that effect on people. =)

  7. nslookup


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