the contractor spake thusly

So Melissa and I talked with the contractor last night. He’s actually the same contractor that my Dad is using to finish his house, so he comes highly recommended. Melissa and I expected to spend 30 minutes with him, 60 tops. We were so wrong. We ended up spending a little more than four hours with him, talking over our options.

Overall, it’s looking doable at the moment. The off-the-hip numbers we were given gave us hope that it might actually be possible to pull this off. We’re excited to hear what the actual estimate is going to be. One of the nicest things is that since my family and I all have a good amount of experience with some areas of construction (roofing, wiring, etc) we can save money by doing those parts ourselves.

I think besides excitement, my most prominent feeling was that of being overwhelmed. So many choices. Wow. Anyway, back to work. (:

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