phoenix is cool

but I uncovered a bug in it. I attempted to implement drop caps, but decided against them. They didn’t add much to the site I thought.

Anyway, the short of it is that phoenix incorrectly renders the css :first-letter thinger, so that when presented with the string “*sigh*” in the beginning of a set of text, phoenix chooses “*s” to be the first letter. Wrong! Neither IE nor Mozilla exhibit this behaviour, so I’m assuming it’s solely a phoenix thing.

Regardless, I do like the new release. 0.5 is the most useable yet. I don’t like all the bloat that modern browsers have!!

(in short, I’m too lazy to fill out a bug report (are they even accepting bug reports?) so I blogged about it instead. muhaha. )

  1. instead of thinger, you might be tempted to call it a pseudo-element. If you are so tempted, by all means, indulge. (:

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