privacy time bomb, or best search engine ever?

Google is my favorite search engine. I now have pause to think though. What do you all think about this one? ( source )

Also of interest: Google now owns Pyra labs, the parent company of Blogger. Now Google hosts as well…. *scratches chin* ( source )

very interestink

  1. Google is from the devil. We should all boil our computers to make them clean once again. I think I’m going to turn off cookies from now on, and maybe use a different engine.

  2. The same thoughts have run through my head Neal. I don’t know about using a different search engine (the others really don’t compare), but cookie management is really coming to the fore for me.

  3. <ryan>
    I believe if you’re using an ad-filtering proxy like proxomitron you could tell it to reject cookies from

  4. Melissa: Wanting to email you about something, can’t find your email address anywhere (Dave’s either). Very mysterious. If it weren’t for the fact that you guys interact with other bloggers, I’d think you were trying to remain anonymous. (Then again, for all I know, Dave & Melissa could be pseudonyms! We journalist types are very suspicious, you know 😛 )

    Anyway, please email me? Pretty please? Pretty pretty please????? 😀

  5. I do not care. I like cookies. Especially with a little icing on them.

  6. Well, we all know Melissa is really a 42-year old man. *wink*

    And Mozilla (I think) and Phoenix will let you reject cookies from specific domans. Every so often I go through and find all the ones I’ve gotten from ad websites, delete them, and tell Phoenix “don’t let any more from this place come through”. It would be nice if there were a toggle somewhere in plain site which would say “accept cookies from this site”–for shopping at Amazon or something. Doing the whole “notify me when I get a cookie” is far too chatty.

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