The end of the LeBaron


Here's the LeBaron after I introduced it to a telephone pole

The LeBaron's remains

Lately I’ve been driving the LeBaron quite a bit (instead of the Jeep) because of its superior fuel economy. Unfortunately, yesterday on my way into work, I hit a telephone pole and totalled the car. I had looked away from the road for a second and the car drifted to the edge of the road. Once the tired touched the edge, the edge drew the car towards the pole and there was nothing I could do. 

Don’t worry, I’m fine and no one else was hurt. It’s been 29 hours and I have no lingering pains, so I’m quite thankful. I feel stupid for the massive waste of the car, but I’m quite glad to be allowed to go on living, for now.

Additionally, I’m quite blessed that Melissa and I still have two vehicles available to us, that our insurance (State Farm) will cover the cost of the pole without a deductable. Several people from the area stopped and checked on me, to be sure I was ok. The policeman that arrived at the scene was both helpful and friendly. Even the tow truck driver was friendly and helpful. 

Lastly, I’d like to thank my wife for being very forgiving. In spite of my stupidity both costing my family money and putting myself at risk, she was very very nice to me about the entire thing. Thank-you hon.

  1. Glad you’re okay!! Also, there’s no box around where to type in the comments!

  2. Country roads can be very unforgiving. Thank God you only lost the car!

    So, I guess now you’ll be queueing (sp?) up for a Volt, eh?

  3. Heh. A volt would be fun, but I can’t see spending the 30k dollars they’ll inevitably charge for it.

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