amazing facts

So now I’m 23, my Dad is 46 and my Grandma is 69. Pretty cool, eh?

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dave!

    I have to say that before meeting you and Nate, I might never have thought that being a prime number age was cool. Not that I do now. 🙂

  2. heh, s’ok if you’re not down with the coolness of being primely aged. You should see if your students think that it’s cool to have a prime age though. After all, they should enjoy it now while the primes are dense in their general area. (:

    I’ve got it best anyway, I’m prime and my Dad and Grandma are my multiples. Too much fun. 😉

  3. On the first note…


    On the second note…

    It would be you noting that your current age is prime. Way to have an incrementing pattern in the family.

  4. That would mean that this is the year to have your first child, eh?

  5. hehe. yeah. If keeping the incrementing ages going in the family were my goal, this would be the year to do it. (:

  6. Hmm…I wonder what the probability P(k) is for any set of descendants to appear such that, at some point of time, age = c(k+1-n) where k is total the number of generations, n is the generation of the individual in question, and c is some constant (equal to the age of the kth generation). I’ll bet it grows exponentially.

  7. Happy birthday, Dave!

    Josh, you just gave me a headache…

  8. My mom and I are going to celebrate on December 30, 2005. That’s the day she’ll be exactly twice my age — 76y/8m/2d and 38y/4m/1d. :^)

    And if you wanna meet that goal, you’d better do something about it right quick! ;^)

  9. that’s the spirit! (:

    Thank-you for all your well wishes.

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