the last paper I ever wrote in college

I’m cleaning my harddrive today. I’ve got two years of cruft (college cruft at that, yeck) to sort through. I ran across this paper I wrote. One might possibly consider it a paper about the book The Color Purple. It’s not really though. If you’re bored, read it. You might get a kick out of it. No guarantees though. (:

Oh, and just as an aside, I spent 45 minutes writing this paper and walked away with a B+. My good friend Mr. Froyd on the other hand, spent several hours on his. And his grade? Well, you’ll have to ask him about that. (:

the fated paper

  1. Bravo. Reminded me of the friends I had in high school. I didn’t know you had that dimension (demensia) to you.


  2. That paper was Awesome!!!

  3. That would only work with Dr. Carvill. You should have seen some of the papers I gave her. I rewrote a portion of Catcher in the Rye as a movie starring Robert De Niro and – I think – Brad Pitt.

  4. karen-in-ft-wayne

    I agree with ryan (for once). HAD to be a Carvill class. If I dug out my papers from that class I believe I could demonstrate an inverse relationship between the points awarded and the time spent writing the paper. The paper I got the best grade on was the one where I went on for two pages about how I really didn’t want to be writing a paper. Luckily the book that week was Catcher in the Rye . . .

  5. yeah, with anyone but Carvill, I would have though twice about it. Actually, I thought twice about this one. But I had a very friendly relationship with Dr. Carvill during class, so I figured I would make an attempt at it on a paper. Besides, it wasn’t all that brave of me. I already had an A in the class. Even if I had bombed that paper, I would have had a B. (:

  6. As a second semester senior, i am o so tempted to try this.

  7. you can do it kristen. flex your senior muscle! (:

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