googlage aboundeth

I figured I would take it upon myself to answer some of the questions I see asked in my google hits. So here we go!

  • duly noted means “noted with due process or respect”. It’s a way of saying “gotcha”.
  • you turn a Macintosh 5200/75LC on using the power button located in the top right (I think) corner of the keyboard. Yep, you have to have a keyboard to turn these macs on. Although I guess I’m making assumptions that might not be warranted about your meaning with the phrase “turn on”…
  • I don’t know what Avril Lavigne’s middle name is. Nor do I know her email address. Apparently a lot of you out there don’t either.
  • I don’t know if Michael Landon is well endowed.
  • I can’t tell you how to get the hiccups. (although eating too quickly seems to be a good way)
  • I don’t have pictures of bosoms, amish girls, avril lavigne, michael landon, or japanese girls. Neither am I familiar with bathroom etiquette concerning bib overalls.
  • The periods in AM or PM are indeed optional these days. When people actually knew that they stood for (antemeridian and post-meridian) (are those hyphenated?), the needed periods to denote abbreviation. These days they’ve nearly achieved word status. You’ll be just fine without the periods.
  • The quote you’re looking for is “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”. You can find the original at John 15:13. You’re best bet, if you know that a quote is Biblical in nature, is to check a Bible site like Bible Gateway instead of Google.
  • If you need help porting code to the HC08, I can give pointers, but I need more information.
  • No, Jesus probably would not ride a motorcycle. You could really go either way on this one, but there were no motorcycles in Jesus’ day. There were many other forms of transportation though, and so far as we know, he did most of his travel on foot (even across water, at times!). Being such a down to earth man (pun intended), I tend to suspect that he would prefer foot travel even if motorcycles *were* available.
  • If you’re board, then you have issues you should take up with a physician. If you’re bored however, perhaps you should consider playing a game of Collapse.
  • The philosopher’s name was Freud, not Froyd. My best friend in college was Froyd, however.
  • Yes, I would definitely encourage anyone to try out a Benedictine Monks of Santa Domingo de Silas CD. I find them relaxing and enjoyable. I would also encourage anyone who owns such a CD to look up the lyrics to the songs on them. Very profound.
  • You’ll have to be more specific about your question on concatenating integers.

That concludes this session. Hope I answered your questions! (:

  1. This is freakin awesome. I should do this sometime.

  2. hehe, thanks. I got a huge kick out of it. I think it will become a monthly thing, if I think of it. It’ll lose a little flavor the second time around, but hey, it’s still fun for me. (:

  3. Jesus did ride into town on a donkey. Maybe that was the closest thing he could get to a Chopper with lots of chrome?

  4. Yeah, but in general he went on foot or in a boat. So he’d probably have a Nike endorsement.

  5. i ought to do this as well, so funny!

  6. A former co-worker read a book called something like “Jesus on a Harley.” Relativistic hooey, from the way she described it. She — being your average, run-of-the-mill Episcopagan — loved it, of course.

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