The ‘arm’y of my one

My Melissa is healing nicely. The doctor chose not to put her arm in a cast, oddly enough. Since it’s a fracture in her upper arm, a cast would weigh down the break and cause it to seperate. Instead, we now have a freakin’ expensive space-age plastic brace that seems to be doing a nice job of holding the break securely.

She’s able to move around much more freely and is sleeping easily at night again. Overall, the break has turned out as best as we could expect. Thank-you to everyone who prayed for us. We appreciate that. Praise be to God for His Mercies.

  1. That’s good to hear! Praise God!

  2. Glad to know she’s feeling better. 🙂 Heal quickly!

  3. So how long til Aerwylyn is back in action?

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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