If Darwin had a fridge like ours, he would not have had to sail to Gallapagos

Sometimes schtuff grows in our fridge. Primordial sludge type stuff. Anyone else ever have anything really special crop up? Here’s your chance to contribute your own inner-most culinary secrets. (:

For our part, we found an un-opened package of hamburger buns today. The special thing about them was that they expired August 13th of 2002, and they still had not molded(!). They were even still springy, so they hadn’t frozen or dessicated. I think they must have been magic buns. Mmmmm, magic buns.

  1. Here is a picture of some rather furry cheese I forgot I had in my fridge. Oops.

  2. We have a block of cheese in our fridge that has been there since we moved into our apartment during the summer of ’01. The plan is to see if it is still mold free when we move out. So far, so good.

  3. i’ve had some pretty interesting molds grow in jars of pizza sauce…

    and grapes can get pretty nasty if you forget about them down in the produce drawer =)

  4. There is something in a crystal dish sitting beside our sink. It moves occasionally and the silver foil covering it gives off a scary mystique. I’m praying that my dad will have the courage to remove it quickly. Ugh.

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