Wired has an interesting article about bloggers who die, leaving their online presence behind. No real value there, just an interesting read.

I had a post written earlier, but it got sent to the cosmic bit-bucket. The gist of it was that Melissa and I are going to be looking at a house today. It’s a nice little modular jobbie on five acres. We’ll just have to see.

We’ve found a rental that we like in Winamac, the town where I work. Living there would take about 30 minutes off the commute, each way. It’s a bit on the small side, about half the size of the place we’re currently renting. We’re worried that the bedrooms might be too small, that they won’t have room for our furniture, but we’re going to go measure to be sure. If we can’t find a more permanent residence before our lease is up in the end of May, we’re gonna go for ye old rental home.

It’s an interesting task, finding housing. There are no real ground-rules. You don’t want a bad house, but what exactly determines the goodness of a house is really nebulous. We’re learning little by little. I’m very thankful that the Father provides us with good housing though. I really am.

  1. Did I put you in contact with my friend’s realtor dad in rochester? I don’t know how much stuff he does not in rochester, but he might at least have some good contacts for you in winamac or whatnot.

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