Wow, home financing and decision making is rough

So Melissa and I are trying to decide what to do about this house thinger. We really like the house we’re looking at. It’s out in the country, in a really quiet area. It’s a bright, cheery house with a nice amount of space, but not so much that it will be tough to maintain. It’s on 5.44 acres, so we can have the animals we’re hoping for. It seems like almost exactly what we’re looking for.

Trouble is, it’s just a hair more than we were originally wanting to spend. I think we’re gonna give it a try, but it’s a very hectic process, trying to figure out how much we should spend, where we should spend it, etc, etc.

Overall, one big headache. Hopefully we can work our way through it all wisely and safely. We’ll see.

  1. he he he… nobody will suspect me making an announcement on your blog. This is to pay you back for some of your parasitic blogging…

    I know what you mean. Home financing is difficult stuff. Luckily we got it all figured out and bought a house…. well, mostly, we actually close on it on July 15. We’ll be home-owners then. Can’t wait to get out of this 400 sqft apartment and into a house!

  2. hehe, need help moving that TV? (:

  3. congrats btw, That’s a huge leap. I had no idea how huge it was until recently. (:

  4. A caution:
    Owning a house is great, and horrible. It is a huge relief to have the space, and the way it ties you down is relentless. I’m all for owning a house, but make sure you count the cost. It is another string to attach you to the world.

  5. I’m all about tying strings to this good creation that God gave us.

  6. Congrats John and Karen.

    Does this mean that you are going to stay where you are for a while??

  7. Yeah, I think it means he’s staying at that inferior school up north for a while. 😉

    But seriously, that’s very cool. Congratulations!

  8. Jon, you missed my point. You’ll know what I mean once your free time gets sucked into taking care of little things like a leaky faucet or a broken window. The trick is to try and involve the family in the work so it doesn’t cost you so much time away from them. Regardless, it is a much bigger responsibility than an apartment and it will take time away from other things that you want to be doing. Have fun! And congratulations.

  9. Jacob,

    In all fairness Dave and I have to do more to the houses we are renting than most home owners would.

    So Dave and I will both be better off owning, we think.

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