idle hands…

This blog has been boring lately. Perhaps I can rely on the massive intellect of my good friend for some levity. (:

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  1. Now if only you could remove the dead thing hanging from your chin. =P

  2. He got rid of it Mel. (Thank God)

  3. Amen brotha!

  4. Is it me, or does Nate now look like the one bad guy from the Superfriends. (the one with the yellow ring that fought Green Lantern)

  5. I wonder what the bouyant properties of a cranium that size are? Just curious. 😉

  6. Ask Nate…

  7. I love that picture.

    I have no idea what kind of bouyant properties my cranium has, because I have no idea what bouyant properties are. Could you explain, please, Joel? 🙂

  8. bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, that is TOO funny. Thanks for making my morning.

  9. Nathan – I imagine he meant buoyant, i.e. capable of floating.

  10. *shock* No way! I thought that was a word! *shock*

  11. look at the case on that brain.

    reminds me of froyd’s computer case.

  12. hehe, hope the brain doesn’t crash as often as the computer did. (:

  13. and his head can play sound…

  14. Why is this block so dead, yo?

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