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An interesting article on WorldNetDaily talks about concurrent Canadian and Chinese studies that linked an increase in the heartrate of an unborn child to hearing its mother’s voice, while a decrease in heartrate when hearing a female voice not belonging to its mother.

Very interesting. I wish that they had collected more data points though. Is the increase in heartrate (which the researchers are equating to the child giving attention to the mother) linked to the voice, or to the curious reverberations and resonance that there are sure to be in the womb. Was sound transmitted to the children in the same way? Of course not. A third-party female voice is going to sound neccesarily different from the mother’s voice.

At first I liked this article. It was interesting to hear that language skills were likely beginning to form in children long before birth. Then I got to thinking about some of the other claims of the study, and it just seems too uncontrolled to be of use. Blah.

  1. I’ll preface this post by confirming that i’m not an expert, but when i was pregnant with Donavin, i think outside noises had an effect on him. i was in choir at school. Everyday he heard us singing, and at night he heard me rehearsing on my own. After he was born, whenever i would sing those songs, it almost always quieted him down. Now, i realize this could be a coincidence, but i always thought it was pretty cool. Hopefully, in the many years that will pass until i have another child, more will be discovered on this. Just thought i would add my personal experience.

  2. Tori, that’s still pretty cool. The way children learn fascinates me. I sometimes lament that they don’t come with detailed service manuals, but I’m sure I wouldn’t want to read most of it even if they did.

  3. zach and alex were always pretty active during OR. they must’ve really liked dr. rader 😉

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