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Where to begin? Well, if you’ve already seen Reloaded, and you’re into religion mish-mash of Babylonian proportions, try this article on for size.

Here, the corporate mofo manages to draw in everything from gnosticism (apparently where most of the matrix is drawn from). His grasp on Christian theology is deplorable, although it isn’t meant to be understood without the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, the article is interesting. It draws some unique conclusions about the movie and it’s origins. Worth reading for brain fodder if nothing else.

  1. He really didn’t talk about Christian theology. He talked about Origen mostly, who was post-humously labeled a heretic for his teaching that human souls have always existed (he was a bit of a Gnostic himself).

    And I do find it interesting how excited people get about Neo as Christ-figure when the whole movie bleeds Gnosticism. I think if you see Christianity all over the Matrix, your Christianity is a little warped.

    That said, I just thought Reloaded was okay. Not great. Okay. I’d watch it on DVD.

    But I’d totally rather see Equilibrium again.

  2. I agree that he didn’t talk much about Christian theology in this article. I found his speculations about Revolutions much more interesting than his theories about the movie’s theology. It was a good read, however.

    That last “question” at the end of the article had me LOL. Excellent, dude!

  3. perhaps instead of theology, I should have said “his understanding of the few verses he quoted”.

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