from abroad, hither and yon

This entry is coming to you from my new zaurus, connected wirelessly from work. w00t. (:

(sidenote: the mobile version of opera on my Z does fine with my blog, but my good friend Froyd’s blog chokes up opera, as it does with opera desktop version. Guess that makes up for my poor performace with safari. 🙂

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  1. I haven’t had any problems with Froyd’s page in Opera 7.11 on my laptop or desktop. It looks the same as in that as it does in IE6 for me.

    OTOH, congratulations on the cool new toy (:

  2. Well, I’ve tried both opera 6 and 7 on Froyd’s blog, and I get all the links highlighted incorrectly, and some other funny-ness. The layout is correct, but the coloration is off.

  3. One might think that the coloration being off would be a problem with the browser, not with the actual page being displayed. 🙂

  4. Well, it works on _my_ computer…

    (sorry nate, couldn’t resist)

  5. Nate: I agree whole-heartedly with that estimation. I don’t think I ever nailed the bad color issue on you, did I? Anyway, I’m in agreeance with you. All these browser issues I’m whining about are on the browser end, not the server end.

  6. Thanks Mikey; I appreciate the love flowin’ from the west side. I bet it works on your computer too in this case. 🙂

    Dave: I know you’ve made various and sundry comments about my color scheming before. 😉

    I thought that since you had referred to issues with Safari+bloggenspiel (and I assumed you were perhaps talking about page errors there, which was a mistake) that you might be pinning the same troubles on IrateNate+Opera. My comment was just clarifying that it was more a browser issue than a page issue. Didn’t mean to put words in your mouth.

  7. Nate:
    Nothing but love comin from the left coast. It does work on my computer. But I use mozilla. And what’s with the lack of comments-functionality on the last couple entries?

  8. Hi Mikey and Nate!!!!

    I didn’t want to be left out of the 004 Lovin.

  9. The last several entries were posted with straight-up HTML editing, not with my fancy system that automagically computes permalinks and things like that. And, since the comments are dependent on the permalinks being calculated (to have IDs for the posts), there’s no comment love either. Said system is resting on colossus’ (I hate apostrophe rules) hard drive and colossus is not connected to the Internet right now. If you absolutely must have comments on my last day or so (I’m considering posting today) and you’ll go into severe cardiac arrest without them I will dredge up comment links using my mad Common Lisp skills.

    Hi Jerry. Back in the Witness Protection Program, huh?

  10. You know Nate, I could set you up a quick temp blog on the pig, if you’d like. Show you the wonderful thing that is MT. (:

  11. dave: Way to whore out your hostname and blog software.

    nate: i just think it’s kinda shady that after years of waiting for comments on your blog, we finally get them, only to have them taken away again. =)

    jerry: there is something to be said about 004 “love”. usually “004 love” means making fun of someone. but that’s not to say i miss it.

    and nate, btw, I keep passing this one bmw dealership…..

  12. where “someone” meant “dave”. (:

    I wouldn’t call it ‘whoring’ so much as “offering services”. Besides, das piggenstein is so cool, who wouldn’t want to have a blog here?

    On second thought, don’t answer that.

  13. yeah i remember the good old days of making fun of dave everyday…. oh waite.


    so mikey and nate how the heck are you guys.

  14. “waite” of course, being ye olde English spelling.

  15. Dave, you’re a dufous. Das Piggenstein? Puhleese.

  16. Dufous being ye old english spelling of doofus.

  17. [Oh my, I should be refreshing Dave’s blog more often]

    I have a sudden urge to register

    Mikey: [I was going to say “I’m quite happy with my one pretty girl, thanks,” until I realized that would be the wrong context. hmmm…]

    Jerry: I’m not doing too badly, what with getting married in 30 days and all. Sure wish I was within driving distance of my honey, though. I’m code-monkeying my way through Java Swing and graph visualization techniques at the moment. Get to go see my sister graduate from high school tomorrow night; that should be a lot of fun.

  18. I don’t understand what’s so cool about MT, other than being able to post from web forms (which are a horrendously sucky place to type text). And comment styling, but I’m working on that last bit…

  19. Mr Trivia: I’m just in keeping with ye olde traditions.

  20. “don’t understand what’s so cool about MT”… blah… blah… (:

    It’s cool because it lives on the web instead of your harddrive. If you prefer, you can type your text in an emacs window, then paste it into the web form. I realize you’re a stickler for such things. (:

    It also supports all kinds of nifty plugins. It’s sweet, and it works.

    Not to detract from the wondrous monolithic beauty that is your blog software… 😉

  21. Blah blah, “lives on the web,” blah blah. I’d rather not take the time to learn a new tool and then have to spend more time getting those entries out of said tool and back into my blogging software when colossus comes back on-line. Besides, it’s written in Perl, which means that it’s a lesson in what the Ninth Circle of Hell feels like to modify anything worthwhile.

  22. wow, you guys have been busy since this morning. 20 frickin comments?!?!

    Das piggenstein? I have 3 things to say about that.
    1) Only dave would think this up
    2) No
    3) Hell no

    MT is pretty nifty I think, but then again, I am not an uber-phat-lisp-coder-of-justice +12 like mr|froyd, so I am not going to be writing my own blog software anytime soon.

    We didn’t _always_ make fun of dave…sometimes we were asleep. ^_^ I know that we all took flak for dumb stuff that we did (and there was a _lot_ of dumb stuff), it’s just that dave tended to do dumb stuff more often than anyone else, hence, he would get made fun of more. See dave, it’s not our fault.

    Jerry: not too bad, I dislike CA. I miss seeing you (all) guys and making fun of dave…er….hanging out together. Maybe I just need to find a phatty job in Chicago. =)

  23. Also, I think dave should get a 004 forum goin on his web site.

    Something like:

    “BSB 004: Making sure you don’t have to live with Heigl”


    “BSB 004: Entropy Personified”

    OK, so that 2nd one I just thought up….

  24. “BSB 004: Entropy Personified”

    that is GREAT!!

    make it so Heigl.

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