If I were…

… a superhero, I think I would want the superpower of instantly and correctly knowing any statistic that I desired to know. That would be so useful!

  1. 86.26 percent of all statistics are made up.

  2. 72.3 percent of all people know that.

  3. You could call yourself “Dork-Man!” Not that there are those of us who don’t.

  4. In fact, roughly 74.2384% of all people who read this blog are dorks, myself included.

  5. But only 16.2 percent of all people believe anything Jacob writes…

  6. Oooh, good one. Umm, double the amount of people who read Jon’s blog are dorks. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Like, um, some of them are doubly dorky, that’s how you can get more than 100%. Right.

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