Weekend Conversation

So yesterday Dave and I had a conversation about karate and our good friend Naginata.

Melissa: I really miss karate, I heard they are offering it in Winamac…
Dave: Yeah, I heard Nate was thinking about taking it.
Melissa: Mmm, I don’t think I would EVER want to fight Nate.
Dave: Uh, why?
Melissa: I know his type.
Dave: Oh, you mean strong, swift, and graceful?
Melissa: No…I mean merciless and efficient!
Dave: Well, there is that too…

  1. Hmm… Strong, swift, graceful, merciless and efficient.

    Ok, so maybe merciless applies.

    My conclusion: You know another person who calls himself ‘naginata’ and who is actually named ‘nate’ in real life. He sounds like an interesting fellow, I’d love to be introduced 🙂

  2. Well, as being a person who thought about sparring with Nate, I tell you, it was a most unwise decision on my part. The simple fact that Nate could pretty much keep me out of reach of him while being able to hit me is enough to make me not try to “throw down” as it were with him.

    That combined with his merciless nature doesn’t bode well for his opponents.

  3. To be fair, the one time that Mikey and I played stickyhands, I hit him in the forehead. Which is against the rules. I can argue that he leaned in to it all he wants, but the fact is that my skillzors are lacking since about… oh… january 2000

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