I’m working, really I am

Here’s a picture of Jerry and I at work. I’m not really sure why I have that look on my face. My only excuse is that I was completely suprised when my picture got taken. Enjoy!


(careful! This image is big (about 500k). If you’re on a modem, it will take you a little while to see it)

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  1. Aww…Aren’t they cute!!

  2. Two engineers, three computers. I think we can all decide who’s more important here. 🙂

  3. actually, those are all dave’s. So we know what is more important to dave.

  4. Yeah, notice there are no pictures of ME around.

  5. heh, you can’t see the picture of you because it is attached to one of the three computer monitors that you *can’t* see in that picture. (:

  6. Oh. Well. Ok then. *looks smug*

  7. Mean mean mean mean mean!

  8. Hmm… by my count, I assumed that there were at least four computers there. I see two laptops. And I see two other keyboards, which I assumed also went to individual computers. And then I might argue that it could be five seeing that pda thing next to Dave’s left hand… I mean that is the thing that was running Linux on it at Froyd wedding, isn’t it?

    so really, Dave, how many computing devices are there in that little cube?

  9. I notice that “workspace” looks a great deal like “004.” Minus Mikey, me, and Froyd being pissed at me because I’m in his personal space.

  10. Aw, Josh, I wuv you. You can come invade my personal space anytime you want.

  11. well, since you couched the question in that manner Jon, the answer is eighteen. The reason being that each of those black boxes behind me are 5 Mhz “computers”. They’re the microcontroller-based boxes that *are* my job right now. (:

  12. Well, then let me ask the question a different way. How many computing devices are in that little cube of yours that have a processor running at speeds higher than 100Mhz?

  13. ah! Well, in that case the answer is six:

    • Main computer: 1.2 Ghz P3 – Win2k
    • Main server: 400Mhz P2 – Debian 3.0
    • Main laptop: 1.2 Ghz P3 – WinXp
    • Secondary desktop: 200Mhz Pentium Pro – NetBSD/Win2k
    • Secondary laptop: 850Mhz P3 – Win2k
    • PDA: 206Mhz StrongARM processor, linux

    Fun stuff. (:

  14. Commentary:

    Jerry: Hmmm, what’s in this little box here?

    Dave: “Jerry, the box is still empty.”

    (Disclaimer: Purely sarcastic for humors sake. No implications of any sort are being made.)

  15. I am convinced there is ONE cookie in that box, and Jerry is stalking it.

  16. Jerry: This yogurt was NOT very good.

    Dave: Jerry, that was crankshaft lubricant.

  17. Haha yeah, even better.

  18. Why would dave have crankshaft lubricant on his desk? Unless, i was lubing up his processors for him so that they would go faster.

  19. Ok, smart guy, you come up with a better caption.

  20. Picky, picky:

    Jerry: That was *not* my grandmother’s cream sauce.
    Dave: No, Jerry, that was thermal compound.

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