viva la vida grosse

First, go see what should be done with pets that die.

Ok, that was a bit sadistic, even for my taste. Hehe, taste… whoops. (: Anyway, if you need to, ahem, cleanse your palate, go pet a kitty.

Then, just wanted to put up a few news items. Melissa and I are going to Detroit to visit her family and take them supplies. We’re also going to go get our new little kitty’s boy parts “wh4x0red”, to use my lovely wife’s term (a technical term known only to animal medicine insiders, no doubt). (:

Also, I think it important to note to all you loyal paintedpig users and readers that whenever Melissa and I end up moving to our new home (assumably sometime in the next month), the pig will be down for a little while. I’ll have an exact date later on. For now, I just wanted to warn everyone that bloggenspiel and all of paintedpig will be down and out for probably several weeks whenever that time does come.

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  1. Normally, I wouldn’t mind eating a rabbit. But I don’t know what I think about eating a rabbit that just up and died from who knows what. I like to eat animals that have died proper deaths that don’t typically mean something is wrong with their inards… you know, like death by shooting. Or death by being pulled out of the water. Death by boiling (for lobster of course!). These sorts of deaths. But eating something that just happened to die… I don’t know about that.

  2. have fun in detwa. Tell mel’s parents i said “HI” and drink a glass of vin for me.

  3. Or death by being smacked between the eyes with a hammer.

  4. aye, I don’t have any problems personally with eating pets, but I don’t like the idea of eating something that died for unknown reasons. It just sort of niggles at your brain like a bacterial infection, you know? (:

  5. I think eating a pet rabbit is a cool idea.
    As long as you cook it well, I dont think the way it died is that big of a deal as the death was probably not related to the edible tissue (I dont eat internals or brains personally, not that great tasting). I would never have been able to skin my own pet though. I have a little trouble cleaning hunting kills sometimes even.

  6. Anyone ever boiled a live rabbit, etc?
    It works for lobster, why not mammals? Is the fur a problem?

  7. Hey! Maybe I could do that with my kitty!

  8. as for boiling mammals, they have internal organs that burst and spread undesirables like bile, pewp, etc inside the body cavity.

    Valerie, which idea were you thinking of applying to your kitty? (:

  9. I think she means to eat it. =)

  10. When you take a closer look at the situation, I think it all boils down to this (no pun intended): cook whatever little creature you want, just don’t come complaining to me when you start turning inside out, or barfing ever color of the rainbow. Oh man I’m going to be sick.

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