if you cannot stop him tonight, then I fear tomorrow may never come

Just downloaded the trailer for Revolutions, the final matrix movie. Looks sweet. Hope they can back up my nagging thought that reloaded was just a little sticky peanut butter that I had to get through in order to get back to the sweet jam on this matrix sandwich.

I’m really, _really_ hoping that they don’t canabalize the Adam and Eve storyline for the final matrix. Hopefully they can do something other than “the world is detroyed, remade, and the only ones remaining are Trinity and Neo”. I also hope that nothing philospical happens with regards to Trinity’s name.

I suppose my fears can be summed up by saying “I don’t want the matrix to be subtly modified Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

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  1. Bless you, Bittorrent. Bless you forever.

  2. Because of the easy availability of anime, or have you found a pirate copy of Revolutions?

  3. I hope you are right. I personally think they should have just left the matrix alone. It will take a really great movie and some major new concept to pull off a good trilogy (it has to not only be as good as the first, it also has make up for the second). The movie industry is very good at ruining stuff by making to many.
    Lets see:
    Star Wars – 3 was enough.
    Alien – (ok, 3rd was bad but acceptable – 4th, well, lets not even acknowlege it exists)
    Jurrasic Park – 1 was too many.

    I swear, if they try and make a sequel to fight club I will kill hollywood. bang dead.

    Good sequels –
    Sorority house massacre.
    Evil Dead.
    The Howling (Only cuz of NEW MOON RISING)
    Freddy Vs. Jason (I cant wait to see it, who will go with me?)

    hmm, i’ve spotted a trend here.

  4. Well, I feel the need to make a point here. The Matrix was written as a Trilogy.

    So, either Reloaded sucked from the beginning, or suck-factor was added during production.

  5. Of course the first one was strong enough that it could stand on its own two feet. The second…well…

    Lets just hope it also doesn’t do something 13th floorish. Or worse yet, 13th floor+Neo-Genesisish.

  6. Just because more than one was written does not mean they have to make it (look at the original star wars, they didn’t even start with number one).
    I think reloaded sucked from the beginning and then they managed to add even more suck factor in production (okay, maybe it was THAT bad.)
    I could have read the second one and said,”Ya know, this kinda sucks, maybe we shouldn’t make it.”
    Unless of course the third one is going to be awesome but it needed the second one to set it up (cant wait to see how they pull that off).

    If they 13th floor it, well, they are even dumber than the people who made Gigli.

  7. Better sequels:

    Godfather II. (that’s the only one I can think of)

    Well, technically I have one more:

    Attack of the Clones was certainly better than Phantom Menace, but neither of them matched the orignal three. I’m begining to think Lucas did it on purpose. Set the standard really low on PM so that the next two couldn’t but be seen as much better.

  8. Anyone ever seen Leonard Part 6?
    There was a great sequel to 5 non-existing parts.
    Bill Cosby is the man!

    I love movies.

  9. I love Leonard Part Six. My wife thinks it is the dumbest movie ever, but I like it. (She thinks MP is dumb, too, so obviously her opinion on funny movies doesn’t count for anything).

  10. Can’t cast spells without MP.

    You said Godfather II was better than I. You must die now.

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