Am I supposed to buy her a gift for this?

Well, we’ve made it. As of tomorrow (the 23rd) we’ll have one full year of marriage under our belts. Melissa and I are quite happy about that. We’re gonna go celebrate at a little bed and breakfast near Shipshewana (the hub of one of Amish settlements in northern Indiana).

God be praised, and we hope for many more good years like this one. (:

  1. Yes Dave. I don’t think the “no need to buy a present” loophole applies until like anniversary > 50, then you only have to like every 5th anniversary. =) But don’t feel like you need an occasion to purchase gifts for your loved one. =)

  2. Ahh, Shipshewana. The days of my youth. Good old Shipshe. Visit the flea market while you’re there, it’s pretty impressive.

    Congrats on a year — it seems like it’s been longer than that already — and may God bless you with a deeper relationship each day for many years.

  3. wow, my parents was the 21st! we sent them to a bed and breakfast, just to get away from us. (there’s five of us)

  4. I accidently misread this as

    We’re gonna go celebrate in a little bed near Shipshewana

    I was thinking, “Too much information.”

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