House Pictures!

Yesterday, Dave and I went to see our house one more time before closing. This was the first time we had been in it since we knew that the home would one day be ours. It was very fun and exciting. We measured for the new huge fish tank we would like to get. I took note of the colors in the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and living room so I know how to decorate and all that other wifely stuff. We took lots of digital pictures too, until the camera died. =(

The longer description of the house is that it is just shy of 2,800 sq ft (not including basement). It has four HUGE bedrooms, and 3 full bathrooms and sits on an acre. It has an amazing laundry room (drool), and kitchen. The entire house is done in beautiful custom cabinetry, and it has a central vacuum system. YAY!!! The bedroom that we are gonna convert into Dave’s office is the biggest bedroom I have ever seen. The house also has an attached two-car garage.

The house is in a really nice country town and is surrounded on two sides by cornfields. I hope one day to be able to purchase a few more acres from those farmers but until then an acre will do. I can still have some animals on it. And I want chickens first! The front and backyard of the house is fully landscaped and there is even a little treehouse in one of the backyard trees that I hadn’t noticed last time we visited. Cool!

The basement is unfinished, but all the plumbing is roughed-in for another kitchen and a bathroom. The chimney (flue?) for the fireplace upstairs runs all the down to the basement. We were told that it would be fairly easy to add another fireplace down there. One day I hope we can finish it all, but until then…ROLLERBLADING sounds fun! I told my sister-in-law that I’d put a couch down there so we can crash into it when we want to stop, and we’d listen to CD’s while skating. Yes, I am serious.

Anyways, for those who would like to see what we have gotten ourselves into, just click this link.

(update: I shrank the pictures down to a slightly more reasonable size. They’re still on the big side, but they’re not huge now. (: -dave)

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  1. Hooray for your house! Good luck at closing on Thursday =)

  2. So when’s the housecrashing, er, housewarming party?

  3. Yay for Dave and Melissa! I’m excited for you two. The house looks great! I can’t wait to come see it. When will you get it? When can we get in? 🙂 See you two this weekend. (right?)

  4. Certainly hope so. =)We close tomorrow. Not sure when we will get in. I have a feeling it’ll be 2 weeks or so yet.

  5. Hooray, I looked at the pictures now. Thanks for making them smaller, Dave =)

    Who’s behing the big grey box rectangle?

  6. we’re planning on coming to the open houses this weekend, so we’ll probably see people at those. We’re closing on the house on Thursday, so hopefully we’ll be able to get into the house within several weeks of that. The contract states within 30 days of closing, so it will be sometime next month.

    After that, we’re looking forward to having friends and family come help us “break in” the place. (:

  7. and by the way, thanks to Jerod for showing me how to easily resize all the images. I’ve always wanted to know how to do that.

  8. It was me behind the box. The picture was so awful that I didn’t want to EVER see it again.

  9. When you move in, I’ll come rollerblade with you in your basement =)

  10. Hehe, would you really?!

  11. Wow–you guys have a beautiful house! Looks like we’ll have to make a trip up there to see it and of course to see you.

    By the way, happy anniversary! I keep meaning to get a card and send it from the two of us, but it slips my mind everytime I’m at the store. I hope it was wonderful. And it’s been one year since I met the two of you.

    I pray you have many more years together serving God and loving and serving one another.

  12. Basementb rollerblading is a great childhood memory of mine. =)

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