held hostage by stupidity

So this morning on the way to work, the radio news mentioned that a school somewhere near Chicago is getting metal detectors to protect the students and teachers. But it didn’t end there. No, apparently the students and teachers were “being held hostage by the NRA” up to that point.

What?!? Typically it’s considered impolite, at the very least, to make baseless accusations about a third party.

Now I assume that the purpose of installing the metal detectors is to prevent guns and knives from entering the school. That seems like a good thing. Where does the NRA come in though? Further, where does the commentator get the impression that the NRA takes hostages?

Sheesh. I dislike the media more everytime I encounter it.

  1. What news radio do you listen to?

    Did the NRA try and prevent the school from getting metal detectors and that was holding them up?(I didn’t think the NRA did that, but if they did then I can see where the comment came from)
    You should write the media and ask for an explanation of the comment.

    This wasnt on NPR was it? I like NPR, and they are usually pretty good about reporting, but sometimes they get someone a little “off”

  2. Where by “sometimes they get a little off” I’m sure you mean “often they let their anti-american opinions have a little more leash than they should”

  3. but its so much more fun to listen to than other news radio!
    I mean, they play 15 sec. of music between each story!
    And, sometimes they report on some really funny things, like emu’s and llamas.
    I like it when they take callers, and all the callers are like “NUKE NORTH KOREA”
    That is just fun.

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