mind boggle rating: 7

So I got a piece of spam today that I just had to share. Prizes, accolades and honors to the one who comes up with the best explanation of whatever it is trying to sell me. Or is it even selling me anything? You decide.

(after you decide your own interpretation, you can read the spoiler that I babelfished for your entertainment and further bogglicitude)

  1. I was right, it’s a trash compactor.

  2. I thought it might be too.

  3. my guesses were either a trash compactor or facial cream. After all, the house-wife-esque woman at the top of the ad who is rocking out on her broom must be happy for some reason.

  4. It could be an elder brother compactor. I want an “every direct sowing we” brother compactor!

  5. After reading Dave’s spam…I’m convinced that there was subliminal messaging going on. I am filled with this strange urge to buy one of these “every direct sowing we” things

  6. Is she air guitaring? With a broom? That’s … odd.

  7. what gives? you havn’t posted in 8 days!!!

    Come on mel, say something funny.

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