Losing Purpose

It won’t be long and women will no longer have a place in the world. Oh well, at least my cat seems to prefer them.

  1. Bored today? You could always call my wife. She really enjoys having someone over the age of 2 to talk to during the day. I’m serious enough to give you our number if you email me, but not dumb enough to post it right here.

    You’d like her. You two agree about a lot of educational and child-rearing and marital issues. Anyway, it’s a kind of far-flung suggestion but you’re welcome to take me up on it. Hope you have a nice day!

  2. Women can always bring men Beer.

    … and Nachos.

    … Beer and Nachos….mmmmmm

  3. anonymous misogynist

    yeah, what gives? have they abolished kitchens or something? 😉

  4. I found my talking beer opener. Now to buy some beer!

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