here a link, there a link, everywhere a zelda

I tossed three new links onto the blogroll, and fixed the broken links. Should be pretty much up to date for what Melissa and I serf regularly. Lemme know if any of the links are still broke, wrong, etc. Also, if I’m calling you something via the links other than what you prefer, feel free to call that to my attention.

  1. Have you always used {strlen(a)

  2. Oh, heck.

    Have you always used {strlen(a)<strlen(b)} for your comparator when sorting links?

  3. I haven’t always done it that way, but I have for the last several months. I used to have them in some sort of favorite-ish order. The blogs I liked to read best were nearer to the top of the list. It was becoming hard to decide which ones I liked more, so I just decided on a non-content-based approach to link ordering.

  4. And alphabetical or lexicographic seemed too pedestrian?

  5. you’ve managed to strike the nail on the head, ryan. (:

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