All good things must end…

And, regardless of how good or bad our stay at our current home has been, it will end sometime next week. Melissa and I are going to be moving throughout the coming week, and hopefully culminating the move on the 27th. This means several things:

1) This blog, and all blogs will be down for a little while. I’m moving to a new provider though, and I’ll have more bandwidth with them, so you should be happy when I’m back. (:

2) The forum will also be down until the server comes back. (well duh)

3) When I come back, I’ll be on a business class connection. That means that I’m actually paying for the use of my pipe 24/7, and I can do anything with it I want. And, for now, I wouldn’t mind providing MoveableType Blog functionality to those who are wanting it. I’m also considering setting up a comment hosting service. Free, or cheap, I’m not sure which. Regardless though, moveabletype for friends, free of charge.

Anyway that’s that. Please pray that God will not only bless the moving (keep people safe, etc) but that he would use our being at the new house to His glory.

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