Some technogeeks are discussing fate, freewill and God. I saw an interesting quote there:

I don’t believe that omniscence is incompatible with free will.

For example if I have a program:

x = rand();
if (x > 5) printf(“Drink Coke.”);
if (x < 5) printf("Drink Pepsi."); I don't know whether the program will Drink Coke or Pepsi but I know what all the results are before the program runs.

I didn’t want to troll the forum, but the obvious question to this person is:

What does your program do when x = 5?

  1. And the obvioous answer is:

    I would just like to point out how proud I am of dave for not sticking his virtual foot in his communication apparatus.

  2. The answer to that is easy:


  3. $ ./omniscientprogram

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