I canna’ hold’er together much lunger cap’n

I’ve added three new links to the mix at the right. The first is Davitree (Dave Drapac), my favorite leftist frisbee fiend. Next up, imler.dyndns.org (Dave Imler) who was a helpdesk conspiritor and fellow Finisar intern (not to mention Blumbergian extroidinare). Lastly, punchdrunkmonkeyman (Jon Pederson). Jon apparenlty posts three times a year. I’m hoping to shame him into posting more often, because he’s the youngest 50 year old man I know, and he’s fun. If there were three heckler-muppets, then we’d have Statler, Waldorf and Jon. (:

I looked for Ball or Schondy blogs, but alas, nonesuch was found. Also, the godfather emeritus seems make claims of having a blog, but oconner.cx was bereft of any such.

  1. FYI: the blogs you didn’t find don’t exist.
    Ball has a webcomic that he actually updates, but that’s about it.

  2. cool, thanks for the info Karen. I’ll stop looking. (:

  3. By the way, may I call you “special K” ? (:

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