Public Service Announcement

I’ll be taking my site down for moving later tonight, if all goes according to plan. The internet connection at the new house is scheduled to be installed on the 26th, but who knows when I’ll actually get cable pulled so that I can have a connection in the computer room.

Anyway, the pig is going to be down for a few days. I’m sure blogland and forumland will survive. I’m looking forward to getting the new connection. I’ll have about five times the bandwidth in the upstream direction. That will be nice for all of you. It should translate into faster load times for all the pages here at paintedpig. Not that most of you care. (:

Anyway, I’m rambling. House moving is going swimmingly. Melissa and I have probably 50% of our stuff moved to the new place. We’ve been moving one load per night this week. We got the new aquarium setup last night. The water is conditioning, so hopefully later this week it will be ready [enough] for the fish to move.

We’re going to be moving big stuff (furniture, appliances, etc) on Saturday. If any of y’all would like to help, feel free to come. I’ll be starting between eight and nine a.m.. Basically when people get there in the morning.

If you want directions or anything, just email me at work, or leave a comment here.

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